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Featuring more than 200 exhibitors from 25 countries, the abundance of natural gems and resources in Asian countries, coupled with Singapore’s GDP per capital at the world’s 3rd highest (after Qatar and Luxembourg), provides an unparalleled opportunity for tapping into Asia’s fast developing jewelry market.

Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2020 will continue to be the affluent hub to showcase fine collections of luxury gem pieces to the well-heeled in Singapore as well as traders and high net worth buyers from China and India; the two most competitive markets in Asia.

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Information Singapore

Photo: Sije

Why exhibit?

  • SIJE is both a B2C and a B2B fair, with an approximate percentage of 20% of professionals and 80% of consumers. Therefore you might use your booth as a temporary store for direct sales.
  • Over a span of 4 days, more than 200 jewelers from 25 countries will greet an expected turnout of 13.000 visitors.
  • It has a great position at the intersection of an extensive network of trade routes between China, India and Europe.
  • Exhibitors can bring their jewelry under temporary importation and sell to visitors
  • Only when exhibitors sell their products they pay 7% GST on the declared price
  • Who should exhibit?

Why visit?

  • SIJE allows to build work relationship and purchase directly during the exhibition because it is both a B2C and a B2B fair, with an approximate percentage of 20% of professionals and 80% of consumers.
  • This exhibition is completely free with more than 200 exhibitors from 25 countries.
  • The fair’s venue is located inside the Marina Bay Sands, the most famous and prestigious building in Singapore. This is the symbol of Singapore and this exhibition is the opportunity to live this place making a great business.
  • Singapore is a comfortable city thanks to excellent transport links and has a very low crime rate and absolute political stability.
  • SIJE can be a perfect excuse to have a journey in one of the most innovative cities in the world.

The strategic position of Singapore

Information Singapore

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  • Singapore’s pivotal position at the intersection of an extensive network of trade routes between China, India and Europe has made it one of Asia’s most innovative and modern cities.
  • Moreover, Singapore is one of the most open trading regimes worldwide, with a vast majority of all imports entering duty-free, especially from EU thanks to the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, that remove tariffs on all EU products entering Singapore. 
  • The fair’s venue is located inside the Marina Bay Sands, the most famous and prestigious building in Singapore. This is an excellent location as it attracts both locals and visitors from all over the world. (How to get there?)
  • Singapore is among the world’s most appreciated cities by jewelers for:
    1) The highest pro capita income worldwide.
    2) One of the safest countries in the world.

Our free shooting

Luxury Fairs Info offers the exhibitors and visitors of SIJE a free shooting of maximum 5 jewels. The pictures will also be published on our website.
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